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Music expresses where words are limited

"Hard work is a work badly done"

That's why I believe that the role of music education is to help students to learn how to express themselves through music in the most natural and instinctive way. The training of a good "ear", together with a healthy technic are the main «tools» to a successful musical and instrumental development.

Etienne Gara was a Violin Instructor at University of Southern California, and is currently based in Los Angeles, where he is teaching at the Hyperium Conservatory, and is a coach for the Idyllwild Academy Orchestra. He also runs a private studio and his students have been earning prizes in many competitions as well as successfully auditioning to colleges like the Juilliard School, Mannes, the New England Conservatory and the University of Southern California among others.

He also coached actors Anton Yelchin and Nicholas Neve for the movie Broken Horses

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Etienne’s first rehearsal with Aleksandar Madzar...