Delirium Musicum envisions a world that is inspired by the ecstatic interpretation of music.
Delirium Musicum

- Delirium: /dɪˈlɪrɪəm/ wild excitement or ecstasy

Delirium Musicum is an award winning conductorless chamber orchestra dedicated to providing impassioned and engaging musical performances. Influenced by the bustling artistic mosaic of LA, the group applies dazzling creativity and limitless excitement to their performances.

Delirium Musicum represents the artistic excellence and leadership of the young generation of musicians in Los Angeles. The small size of this ensemble allows the musicians to bond and connect intimately with the audience. The group's performances are dedicated to inspiring wild excitement and ecstasy by engaging audiences with unapologetic and fresh approaches to wide-ranging musical repertoire. Creative interpretation of the old masters as well as collaboration with contemporary composers generates new and exciting musical programs that speak to modern audiences.

Bersanetti: "Les Bouffons Acrobatiques"